The Slaab :) 300whp
Current Mods-
TD04 Turbo
ETS Intercooler
Polished/Ported Cylinder Head
4.05 Transmission w/Phantom Grip LSD Mod 
JZW Custom Tune - Colorado <3 - 30% E85
Hydraulic Clutch Conversion
Vogtland lowering sport springs w/ matched Koni dampers

-All work done by me :) Including transmission rebuild, head work, etc. Luckily my father is a Saab guru and has been a Saab Master-tech for about 20 years, they’ve nicknamed him the Saab whisperer. He has taught me everything i know about Saab. If it wasn’t for him I would not have the knowledge to build this car. I work with him at a Saab/Volvo specialist shop in Broomfeild colorado called East of Sweden, I recomend you call us if you are looking for parts, because we probably have it. As for now this is my daily so i can’t go too crazy with it, Plenty more mods to come! Yes I am a Saab freak.

PHOTO CREDS - @Doctorsassafras

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